Building options of the model railway trains network: other fixed networks and the suspended network

C- The model railroad network on fixed panel surrounding the room

The main interest of this type of model train network is that it provides a view panoramic view and makes the operation even more interesting because you are at the heart of the action.

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As with previous projects, the width will be conditioned by the accessibility and backdrop should be studied before the model railway trains network implementation.
The room receiving the network must contain a minimum opening possible because unless to condemn them, you will must adapt the system by providing for example, opening bridges or removable plateau components which may be disabling for frequent use.

However, designing a bascule bridge is not that complicated.

This type of installation will permit you to establish large radius curves improving the aesthetics and authorizing the movement of all types of model trains, the decor could be more varied without shocking because the trays not being in the same alignment, it will be possible to move from one plain area to a hilly landscape, or even a mountainous one without it being ridiculous visually.

D- The model trains network called “shelf”

This is the only type of fixed model railroad network that it will be possible to install in a room not only reserved for the practice of modeling, a teenager’s bedroom or a living room, for example. The difference with the No. 3 will be mainly the reduced width of the plateau, generally of one foot, receiving the most often a single track if the complete circuit of the room is not possible; each boundary being equipped with a small station for simple maneuvers to complement the operating of model trains.

If the turn of the room is possible, you can opt for the installation of a double track to receive one or more stations where you will see cross the rapids and freight trains.

A well designed decorating will make you forget the lack of depth and if you have the talent, a landscape painted in the background can give the sufficient depth to your network.

E- The suspended model railway trains network

In case you have no room to receive one type of previously proposed network, it is still possible to achieve a plateau system suspended by cables to the pulleys to lift the network to the ceiling.

Use of this type of model railway trains network will be necessarily less convenient and will not allow not a very important decoration in matter of height and weight but if it allows you to become a model train enthusiast, do not hesitate.

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