Model railroad – Finishing, operations and maintenance

When landscapes and structures are completed, we must then bring them to life with a lot of details and accessories. Some traffic signs, lights, signs, trucks, cars, boats or aircraft are used in model trains networks. And do not forget the little people who are the finishing touches and are an essential part.

Preparation of the rolling stock for your model trains

Locomotives and cars of a model train network require a lot of attention. First, you have to assemble and decorate them with care to facilitate the operation and increase realism. It should also be tested to ensure they will perform their tasks.
In our model railroad network, members can use models of all the HO price range. However, we ask them to install metal wheels and couplers for quality and test their equipment before rolling.


A model railroad network should allow to perform several operations with rolling stock, whether for assembling or disassembling model railway trains, bring supplies or passengers from one place to another, to train in sidings, face to accidents or other unforeseen events, etc…

Operations can be relatively simple, such as when operators settle for running trains from one end to another of the model trains network. However, it can also give some more complex goals, such as moving cars in another section of the network and form new trains.
There are also operations sessions that are very realistic and very complex in which participants attempt to reproduce real network situations.

In these sessions, operators must reproduce specific order in determined times. Some operators have the sole function to store and assemble trains in rail yards or operate locomotives of major service industries. A dispatcher is responsible for giving the marching orders and coordinating operations.

Maintenance of your model train

A model train network is a relatively fragile system that must be periodically maintained. For example, we must constantly clean the rails to avoid the dust, grease, and construction waste affect the operation of model railway trains. Maintenance tasks are not the preferred among model makers, but they are indispensable parts of the game.

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