Types of conceivable installations: the first two types of model trains networks on fixed panel

A- The model railway trains network of fixed panel located in the middle of a room

For this type of model trains network, the length has no limit, unlike the more it will be larger and the model railway trains network will provide a realistic operating for a variety of decor and the use of long trains of passenger cars and heavy freight trains with reasonable journey durations of the circuit.

The critical point is the width of the support for it must never neglect the accessibility needs anywhere in the model railroad network, the maximum width for this will be two meters.

If you dream of wide open spaces, you will have to plan access traps that will be invisible if they are well integrated into the decor and it allows you to adjust the width of your network to your needs, by keeping access necessary for the inevitable interventions in areas inaccessible from the periphery.
(This remark will remain valid regardless of the type of model railroad network selected.)

B- The model railway trains network on fixed panel attached to the walls of the room

When the room chosen for the model train network implementation does not allow a central provision, you must choose one of the walls to receive the back of the network.

In this case, it will be desirable to retain a wall containing no windows that have to remain maneuverable as the operation of the circuit will quickly become complex due to the problems caused by access to this opening.

As for the type 1, do not neglect accessibility (one meter wide or access doors.)
Attention, however, to the radius curves that will be low on a plateau of a meter wide, it will not be annoying with the short length rolling stock, but if you like big passenger coaches and freight cars of our time, the rolling of these materials may be problematic and not talking about steam locomotives with many axles with rods that will only accept great rays to operate in good conditions, as their big sisters.

The fact to be attached to the wall creates another concern, there must be support for the backdrop before the establishment of the plateau. If the wall is in good condition, just define a band of about fifty feet high which will be painted in order to obtain a sky background or which will be wallpapered with pictures of landscapes.

In the case of a degraded, wall renovation will be done right now before building your model railway trains network.

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